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We are a mexican trading company with more than 10 years of experience, focused on the representation of foreign manufacturers who provide a wide range of products for the industry; we import and distribute them in Mexico.

The nature of our company enable us to export the products of mexican manufacturers, assisting us in providing inputs and materials to the international industry.


To provide products of high functionality to the industry, balancing the customer's needs with the innovative solutions of the manufacturer, improving our customer's satisfaction with the contribution of our staff's service.


In these times of globalization and increasing demand of inputs and materials for the industry, is critical to control the providing of those products; is for that reason  that applying our mission sustained on our values, we will supply our customers the must of the products they require in their indusrty.


Our company has established their activities over honesty, being our main objective to transmit confidence and certitude to our customers and manufacturers to reach a mutual growth.